12 Tampa area men arrested for sexual relationship with child

Tampa Police arrest a dozen men accused of having sexual relationships with the same child.

Investigators say they'd chat online.

Some would send nude pictures.

Others would meet the boy for sex.

Tampa Police were tipped off in June after getting a report of a runaway child.

"When he got home, his mother contacted the police department that he had been engaged in sexual contact with adult older men," Eddy Durkin, Tampa Police Public Information Officer.

Police found the 12-year-old was communicating with 996 different profiles using social media apps geared toward adults.

They're not naming which ones he used.

"Some of them had no idea they were talking to a child but there were others who were well aware of who they interacting with and continued to move forward," Durkin said.

The sexual relationships ranged from online to in-person. Investigators say the men and the boy would trade nude photos of themselves.

Some of the men even agreed to meet for sex.

"It could have been as early as 10 years old," Durkin said about the boy. "The child was given drugs, money and cell phones during some of the interactions."

This month, Tampa Police arrested 12 local men on charges ranging from Lewd and Lascivious Battery to Transmission of Material Harmful to Minors:

Marcus Acevedo, 9/4/1995
Christopher Block, 2/12/1987
Paul Burgos, 2/1/1963
Anthony Cusamano, 4/16/1984
Stanley Davis, 11/2/1984
Dennis Hite Dick, 11/23/1955
Phillip Evans, 1/29/1989
Marion Jones, 12/15/1979
Mikka Johnson, 5/27/1979
Blerim Ljena, 9/6/1972
Leopoldo Mari, 7/11/1963
Nathaniel Prince, 2/9/1960

According to 32-year-old Stanley Davis' arrest warrant, he met with the boy more than twice.

It stated they drank, smoked marijuana and had a sexual relationship.

"It's extremely concerning that a child so young was engaged in all these interactions with adult people on adult websites," Durkin said.

Police say it's another warning for parents to always watch their kids' cell phones and computers.

"Kids are getting them younger and younger now," Durkin said. "It's not like at 15 years old you get your first cell phone. Parents have to know what they're playing with. Grab your kid's phone and look at their history and see what they've been doing."

With hundreds of online profiles to go through, this investigation is far from over.

There could be more arrests.

As for the young boy, police are helping him get the rehab and counseling he needs.