176-year-old house -- oldest in Tampa -- moved to new home

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The only way to move a 176-year-old home -- the oldest in Tampa -- is very carefully.

“The oldest house in Tampa, that was a big thing,” said Michael Knapp, president of AJS Construction & Development

Built in 1842, the old house had been sitting in Ybor, until this week when it was moved to its new home on the corner of Westland and Cleveland in South Tampa.

“There were a couple times on the trip where I couldn't look anymore,” said Brian Davison, owner of the property.

Davison plans to restore it and use it as an office for his real-estate investment firm, Equialt.

”The reason we moved it to this area is because it was unprotected it wasn't designated as a historic zone placing it in an area that is a historic zone it protected forever,” Davison said.

“This house has seen almost the fabric of America become what it is today in the last almost 200 years it’s amazing,” he said.

Once it is all back together, imagine the things it will live through over the next hundred years.

“This house is in great shape, great shape for as old as it,” said Knapp. 

Plans are to have the home fully restored in about a year and a half.