2 arrested, 1 suspect at large in Bradenton double murder

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Two men are behind bars, but police say the search continues for one more armed and dangerous murder suspect in Bradenton.

Bradenton police say they arrested Trey Nonombre and Jimmie Lee McNear, both 18, over the weekend in relation to the shooting death of a man and his girlfriend last week, but they are still searching for 33-year-old Terez Jones.

The first big piece of evidence was surveillance video from the home, then two witnesses came forward who helped fill in the blanks.

"We were able to collaborate a lot of interview testimony based on clothing, based on how they walk, based on what they said," said Lt.James Racky.

Bradenton Police are protecting the identities of the two witnesses who helped identify Nonnombre and McNear.

According to arrest documents, the witnesses said the killers left in Jones' car.

Each carried a handgun, heading to the home of Kantral Brooks and Ester Deneus. They used a brick to smash in the front door and used their t-shirts as masks. Less than two minutes later, Brooks and Deneus were dead.

The document said the trio planned to rob the home. They didn't say what they planned to steal, but police found drugs inside the home.

"Whatever the reason they needed to do this they stepped up big time and hopefully they will be put away for the rest of their lives," said Lt.Racky.

All three men have records.

Jones had just finished a 15 year sentence for violating parole of a 1999 sexual battery.

On July 3, he was rearrested for possession of cocaine and heroin. He bonded out of jail July 7 and two days later, Brooks and Deneus were dead, murdered in front of their five children.

"We put the folks in and I understand the justice system has to go its proper route, but we put them in we put them in. It's even worse with juveniles. We put them in they bond out. They do something again," said Lt.Racky.

In court, a judge denied bond for Nonnombre and McNear, as police continue to close in on the final arrest of Terez Jones.

"I believe this is very clearly a serious crime. It's a tragic situation two people have lost their lives. It is a very serious situation and it needs to escalate and the community and nation has to take a look at," said Judge Lakin.

Terez Jones is considered armed and dangerous. He has a tattoo on his left arm that says "Not Guilty." On his right arm he has a tattoo that says, "Not Terez, statue of liberty."

If you have any information on Jones' whereabouts contact CrimeStoppers at: 866-634-TIPS or manateecrimestoppers.com.