70-year-old accused in beating death of young woman

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At 70 years old, defendant James Jackson has been charged with murder, accused of strangling and butchering a young woman.

Jackson used a walker to help him get around the courtroom, but prosecutors say, despite his apparent frailty, the evidence shows he is a heinous killer.

At his trial Thursday, FDLE analyst Nicole Hinton pulled a bedsheet from an evidence bag and displayed it for the jury. The bedding allegedly came from the defendant's bedroom.

Hinton said there were blood stains on the sheet the matched the DNA of the victim, Diana Bloomenberg.

Her body was found after being dumped in a wooded area near the home where Jackson was staying.

Hinton testified that blood splatter on the ceiling and walls of Jackson's room also match the victim.

"I did compare the profile of Diana Bloomenberg to the blood stain on the floor and it does match the profile of Diana Bloomenberg," explained Hinton. 

It’s a theme the jury continued to hear over and over during Hinton’s testimony.

Prosecutors are wrapping up their case. It is not clear whether Jackson will take the stand in his own defense. He is facing first-degree murder charges and has pleaded not guilty.