85-year-old's mural divides Bradenton mobile home park

Ever so softly as the wind blows, a wind chime turns. Statues and flags define the places people call home off 28th Avenue Drive West in Bradenton. 

One residence in particular stands out from the others. Our Lady of Guadalupe, painted onto a piece of plywood, greets 85-year-old Millie Francis each day. 

"The only reason why she is there because what she did to me is a miracle," said Millie. "I shouldn't even be alive, but I am.”

Millie said she's blessed to be alive after having a number of open-heart surgeries and credits the patron saint of Mexico. 

"She helped me on my surgery that I had down here with my ninth stent," she said. 

But Millie's tribute has brought division to her neighborhood. Millie's property manager at Bradenton Tropical Palms said the painting needs to come down. 

The manager said Millie received permission to replace her front window after lights from cars were bothering her.  But the manager told FOX 13 that Millie never got permission to pain the mural. 

Some residents do want it to come down, while others side with Millie. 

"I feel blessed every time that I pass through here and see the Virgin," said Maria Martinez. 

As she continues to pray for another miracle, Millie refuses to back down. 

"It's not coming down," she insisted.