9-year-old hopes thief will have a change of heart and return stolen baseball glove

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Nine-year-old Julius Pfau wants just one thing for Christmas: a baseball glove. But not just any baseball glove, the cherished baseball glove that his grandfather gave him, which was stolen recently.

It was in his baseball bag which was stolen from their car in their Seminole Height neighborhood. In the bag was the glove his grandfather gave him 3 years ago. "My grandfather, he got it for me. It was like magic," Julius said.

His grandfather has had some serious health issues over the past few years and baseball is the one thing that connects them.

Julius has been posting signs around the neighborhood and they've even taken to social media to make a plea for the treasured glove's return.

"We're not looking to get anybody in trouble," said Julius' father, Blake. "We're not looking for anybody to donate, to reach out or give us money. We just want to share the story. If you see the glove, just return it," he said.