#9PMRoutine cuts burglaries in Pasco Co.

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The Pasco County Sheriff's Office is fighting a popular crime with a simple hashtag: #9PMRoutine

The county has experienced a 30 percent drop in auto burglaries over the past year, according to PCSO officials, since the agency started encouraging residents on social media to check their car doors and make sure they are locked.

Through daily, 9 p.m. Twitter and Facebook posts, the campaign seems to be paying off.

"Everybody is really busy in their daily lives, whether it's from school, work, family life, and it is helpful to get a reminder saying, 'Time to lock your doors. Don't become a victim,'" said Kevin Doll, a spokesperson for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

The reminders, often accompanied by funny memes from popular shows like "The Office," encourage people to 'check in' - by retweeting - after locking their car, home, and garage doors.

"It has gone international. We've had law enforcement agencies from across the country, from around the world, who have borrowed this," said Doll.

Some Twitter users check in from other states, such as New York and Pennsylvania, and even different time zones, like Arizona and California.

The agency is now working to publicize its door-locking campaign through t-shirts with the phrases "9 PM Routine," and "Locking Doors Across America."

PCSO is selling the shirts on social media for $15. They said the proceeds will benefit the Pasco County Sheriff's Office charities and crime prevention efforts.

To purchase a shirt, contact the Pasco County Sheriff's Office via Twitter or on the agency's Facebook page.