A Lakeland company is turning trash into fuel

A Lakeland company has decided to blaze a new trail by making a deal to turn its trash into fuel.

Southern Wine and Spirits is the first commercial customer in Lakeland for Nu Cycle Energy, a recycling company.

"We’re hoping this is the first of many," City of Lakeland spokesman Kevin Cook, told FOX 13.

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The City of Lakeland is endorsing Nu Cycle as an alternative to the old way of getting rid of trash, having it taken to the landfill.

With the area’s population growing and limited land, recycling is much more eco-friendly.

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Nu Cycle shreds the trash, then compacts it into tiny cubes that burn like coal, but much cleaner.

After the process, which only takes about ten minutes, the cubes can be sold.

"Currently, it is used in the cement industry, although the power industry can also use this as a replacement for coal," said company spokesman Kyle Pukylo.