Accused kidnapper's wife to testify

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Alicia Summers will get to share with a jury what she says is a history of being abused by her ex-husband, Trevor Summers, who is accused of her kidnapping and attempted murder.

Prosecutors say he planned a murder-suicide - even leaving a goodbye note for their children. But a police tip led to Alicia's safe return.

As the trial inches closer, Trevor Summers' attorney is fighting to keep alleged prior acts of abuse by his client a secret from the jury.

In a big blow to the defense, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser ruled the jury will get to hear all of it.

In a hearing earlier this summer, Alicia said, hours before signing divorce papers, Trevor snapped.

"He pushed me down and pulled what I would describe as a machete, a giant knife from in between the mattress," she said. "[He] pulled that out and held that against me and held me against my will."

One month later, the abuse would escalate, according to prosecutors who say he showed up to the family home, climbed through an unlocked window, and attacked Alicia.

Alicia says Trevor Summers tied her up, drugged her with Nyquil, sexually assaulted her, and tried to kill her.

"When I saw his face and I knew, 'He's going to kill me," and he came in with a pillow and put a pillow over my face with his full weight. I mean, he was trying to kill me," said Alicia.

Alicia survived and, in a few weeks, will tell a jury about it.