Accused killer to undergo mental evaluation

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Police say a man accused of stabbing his roommate to death, and then stuffing her body in the trunk of a car, may not be mentally fit to stand trial.

Investigators said Kydel Weldon was covered in blood.

"As a deputy was talking to Weldon, she observed what appeared to be blood on his hands. She also observed what  appeared to be blood on his clothes and pants," explained Hillsborough Sheriff's Office Col. Donna Lusczynski.

But the horror came when detectives checked the trunk of his car. There, investigators say they discovered the body of his roommate, Tina Ryan. The tension between the two apparently already had neighbors talking.

Investigators say Weldon killed her and tried to hide the body. They say she suffered stab wounds and a blunt force trauma to her head. 

Weldon was ready to take his case to a jury, but there was a sudden about-face by his attorney, Mike Peacock at a hearing Tuesday. 

Weldon's attorney scrapped plans for a trial because he believes Weldon may not be mentally fit to stand trial.

"My concerns about the competency of my client, and raising concerns and ensuring he has the right to effective counsel," Peacock explained as reasons to postpone Weldon's trial.

So the case is on hold until doctors can determine Weldon's mental competency for trial.