Accused rapper fights back via song

A rapper accused of kicking a fan in the chest at a concert in Lakeland over the weekend is fighting back in a war of words.

A video shows Rapper Kevin Gates kicking 18-year-old Miranda Dixon in the chest.  Dixon says she tugged at his shorts while he was on stage, and he let loose on her.

Gates just released a new song on YouTube called "The Truth" that tells his side of the  story. The song says Dixon was grabbing at his genitals.

"Two or three times I had already warned her," the lyrics go.

"You should have respect for yourself. You're a  queen and you wasn't respecting yourself," the  song says. "Ever been disrespected? You know how it felt."

Dixon's attorney, who has requested that she not speak publicly about the incident, said this about Gate's song: "It is absurd, ridiculous, and just not believable."

"She would not be in a position to touch his genitals unless...she was the Jolly Green Giant, because she is down below and he is on stage," Maria Sperando added.

The repercussions are starting to grow.  Gates  has been charged criminally. Dixon's attorney is demanding compensation for her client, and a blogger has posted an online petition suggesting that Gates be prohibited from performing in Florida.

Five-thousand people signed the petition the first three days it was on the web.