Accused road-rage killer gets first look at evidence against him

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The man accused in a deadly road-rage stabbing, Teddy Baltimore Smith, was in court Friday for a bond hearing, but prosecutors say he's a threat to the community and should stay locked up.

Prosecutors also say they have a lot of evidence against the defendant, including the possible murder weapon.

"If you believe the evidence, a person who stabs another person for spitting on a car window presents a danger to the community. This man lost his life over nothing," said prosecutor Jay Pruner.

Pruner says Smith was involved in a road rage incident last week that ended in murder.

Investigators say the victim, Gilbert Serna was in the passenger seat of a pickup truck. He apparently spat out the window, which landed on Smith's car. 

Detective Neal Smith says that's when Smith jumped out of his black BMW to confront Serna.

"He grabbed a flip-flop, as he described it, and struck Mr. Serna several times in the head," said Detective Smith. 

Witnesses say he also threw minced onions at Serna's car and then came back a third time.

"He reached over with his right hand and stabs the passenger in the chest area," said Detective Smith. 

Detective Smith says Serna was stabbed in the heart and died in the car.

After searching Smith's BMW, investigators say they found the possible murder weapon.

"They recovered a pair of scissors which had a blood-like substance on the tip of it and a folding knife, which would have been a four-inch blade it was red in color," said Detective Smith.

After the stabbing, prosecutors say Smith drove to a police substation in Tampa.

As he sat in the lobby, Tampa Police Officer Elmehd Aoui says he overheard him talking to himself.

"I heard [him say] 'Dead man. I knew he was dead man,' and I also heard 'Why did he have to spit on me and sh*t?'" recalled Officer Aoui in court.

Smith also told officer Aoui, "how he doesn't like when people disrespect him and how angry gets when people try to step on his shoes."

Detective Smith said they also found a palm print on the victim's car that matched Smith's DNA. After the lab confirmed the match, they arrested Smith.

The judge granted Smith $100,000 bond.