Adam 'Rattlesnake' Davis' death sentence vacated

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Thursday marks 20 years since realtor Vicki Robinson was found dead in Carrollwood.

Her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend were convicted of killing her.

The anniversary of her death now takes on new meaning because Adam Davis' death sentence has been vacated.

"I was 29 at the time," said Robinson's friend, Deborah Englert. "She was 49 at the time of her death. I am now 49."

Ed Philips met with Englert at her home to look at pictures and remember their friend.

"It has just flown by," he said. "Where did the time go?"

Their days in a singles group with Vicki Robinson long past and now, so are the rules that kept one of Robinson's killers on death row.

When Davis was sentenced, it only took a simple majority within the jury to recommend sending someone to death row. Now, the Supreme Court says the decision must be unanimous.

Davis will be resentenced.

LINK: Adam 'Rattlesnake' Davis granted re-sentencing

"To rehash something this hard is unimaginable," said Philips.

Englert gave a victim's impact statement when Davis was sentenced the first time - and vows to again.

"I don't want her to be forgotten, ever. She was an incredible woman. She left an imprint and a mark on so many people's lives."

Robinson's other killer, her own daughter, Valessa was released in 2013, 15 years after she helped Davis inject her with bleach and stab her inside her home.

"Everywhere I went, people were talking about it, they were stunned," said Philips.

Time has not healed the wounds but has made Robinson's friends determined to speak out as the court process starts again.

"She has no voice but us," said Philips.

"She would have supported us had this happened to us," said Englert. "We want to be that same voice from the grave. For her."

It is unclear as to when exactly the resentencing will take place.