Another warning: University of Tampa asks law enforcement for help after weekend of off-campus parties

For the second time in less than a week, University of Tampa officials are warning students about large gatherings after a weekend where several parties were held off campus. 

In it, university officials reiterated the school's new zero tolerance stance on anyone hosting or attending a large party. Despite all the warnings, some students say the parties are still going on both on and off campus, and there don't seem to be many consequences. 

”I would find it extremely frustrating if you’re following all the rules and the others aren’t and they aren’t being enforced or punished," said UT sophomore Ava Congel. "Luckily, I live off campus and I don’t have to deal with it. It’d be very frustrating living on campus.”

UT officials say students who violate the code of conduct by throwing or attending a large gathering can face interim suspension, which would bar them from both the classroom and dorm room until their conduct cases are resolved. 

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The school is also asking students to hold each other accountable by using their online incident reporting tool to send in tips about large gatherings:

UT officials say the majority of party reports are filed by fellow students.

As of Friday, August 28, the university reported four students and one staff member had tested positive for COVID-19 during their first week of school. Last week, UT began tracking cases that are either self-reported or diagnosed through the Dickey Health and Wellness Center on campus. The university says it will make weekly updates each Friday at 5 p.m., which can be found here

Here's the email sent to students Monday: 

The Office of Student Conduct is aware of several large gatherings that occurred off-campus this weekend and is working with Campus Safety and local law enforcement to identify the hosts and attendees of these gatherings.

Student hosts and attendees of large gatherings that violate the Student Code of Conduct will face disciplinary action that may include interim suspension from the University pending initiation of the formal student disciplinary process. 
We recognize that the majority of students support the Spartan Shield Health and Safety plan, and are acting in proactive ways to protect themselves and others. Our ability to remain safe and in-person as a UT community depends on each one of us, and this requires zero tolerance for creating environments that endanger the health of our community.

If students or University community members would like to submit information regarding University policy violations they are encouraged to complete an incident report at