App promises on-demand lawn service in St. Pete

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You can do just about anything from your smart phone -- shop, deposit a check, order pizza or a ride to the airport.  A new company is now letting most living in the Bay Area order lawn service through the push of a button. 

Mike Williams owns a lawn service and says he’s seeing a whole lot of 'green' by using an app called GreenPal.

“It’s like Uber for lawn care,” Williams said.

Similar to ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, customers can order landscaping though the app. The customer gets to choose from three bids from different lawn care companies, which are verified and partnered through GreenPal.

"They do a full background check, so the best thing is, the consumer doesn't have to do any of that Greenpal takes all of the headache out of the application form."

Customers pay the lawn care company through the app, so there’s no exchange of cash. 

Greenpal was first available in St. Pete before expanding to Tampa.