Argosy students say they still haven't received spring financial aid

Graduation day is the day where college students can celebrate the payoff after years of hard work.

However, for some concerned students at Argosy University in Tampa, they're afraid that day might never come. 

Multiple students have reached out to FOX 13 with concerns. They have asked to remain anonymous as some of them are still attending classes at the university and fear possible retaliation.

 "All I want to do is graduate and get my bachelors and be through with that school," said one student.

Dream Center Education Holdings, the organization that owns the national chain of career schools, entered into receivership back in January, making the future of the university uncertain. 

However, that's just one thing on a long list of students' concerns.

"Financial aid paid for the classes, then whatever is left after financial aid, you get back in stipends. Well, we never got our stipends,"  a student who is owed over $3,000 told FOX 13.

The school still owes students across the U.S. $13 million in financial aid stipends - money students who are unable to work while attending school depend on. 

"It pays their rent, it pays their car note, it helps them through. And when they don't get their stipend, they can't pay their bills."

According to students, court-appointed receiver Mark Dottore told them that the money had been used for staff payroll. He told them that they would have that money back in their pockets last Tuesday, but students said that never happened.

FOX 13 reached out to Mr. Dottore by both phone and email for a statement, however, he was unable to be reached.

With students' futures hanging in the balance, they said they just want answers and a chance for their hard work to actually pay off.

"It's so hurtful," one student said.

The Department of Education told students they'll offer debt forgiveness for the spring semester and help transfer their credits to other universities if that is the route they choose to take.

However, students are concerned this won't fix the problem.

A meeting is scheduled to take place at Argosy University on Tuesday from 5 -7 p.m.. to discuss possible next steps for the students.