Attorney recognized for helping thousands of kids find forever homes

Adoption attorney Jeanne Tate’s office building has special meaning for her. "These are the names of the children that we have placed in adoption in the past year." 

Jeanne has placed more than 3,000 children into loving homes. 

"If you think of the one thing in your life that you need, that you don't want to live without, it’s your family."  

Jeanne just received a key to the city for all her hard work.

"I can't tell you how shocked I was to get a key to the city. And my kids were looking up how many people got a key to the city in Tampa's history, and the list is not very long." 

Jeanne got her law degree from University of Florida in 1982.  She started out in construction litigation but switched to family law in 1999. 

"I was really moved by the opportunity to change a trajectory of a child's life and to find a permanent family for that child."

Jeanne says there are thousands of children in the Bay Area that need a loving home.

"Everybody thinks about it but very few people take those thoughts and put them into action." 

It’s an action that has changed Jeanne's life. 

"It’s an incredible experience. You know that you changed the life of that child forever."