Bail remains same for man accused of hitting, killing 12-year-old girl on Alafia River

Jasina Campbell, 12, loved sleepovers at her grandmother’s house, babysitting her younger siblings and having fun on the water. But her day of tubbing last May on the Alafia River would end tragically. Investigators say she was struck and killed by drunk boater Andrew Miltner

At a virtual hearing, prosecutor Stephanie Pizarro told the judge Miltner admitted to drinking while out on the water.

"He then mounted this Jet Ski and was witnessed driving it in a reckless manner," said Pizarro.  

Prosecutors say moments later Miltner struck and killed Campbell while she and a friend were on an inner tube.  

But Miltner’s lawyer, Dominic Fariello, who was asking a judge to lower his bond, said their client wasn’t even drunk that day. Campbell’s grandmother, Donna Campbell, was seen on the Zoom hearing shaking her head in disgust.

"There is no presumption of intoxication at this point in time-proven by the state attorney," argued Fariello.  

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Fariello said Miltner's blood-alcohol level was under the legal limit of .08. While Pizarro agreed with that, she also pointed to something else.

"It actually did come back and .063, however that was a blood draw that was taken over four hours after the crash," explained Pizarro. 

She argued at the time of the crash Miltner was drunk and urged the judge to keep him locked up at a high bond. The judge agreed to keep his bail at $150,000.  

Miltner faces manslaughter while boating under the influence and vessel homicide. 

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