Bay Area family holds special prom for teen disabled by brain injury

Prom is a special occasion for most high school students and even though Alyziah Lopez isn't like most students, her family worked to make sure her prom was equally as special.  

Alyziah Lopez, 18, rode in style to her high school prom at the Quality Inn and Suites Convention Center in New Port Richey. 

"I think she's excited," said Amy Lopez, Alyziah's mom. "I think that she's definitely excited. When we were driving over in the limo, I don't know, she just had this glow about her. She knew that it was about her."

Alyziah suffered a brain injury in 2013 at the age of 9, which left her disabled.  

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"She was a normal child and swam, rode a bike, laughed, giggled, you know.  And then she had an accident and that was all taken from her," Amy Lopez explained. 

Alyziah would be graduating from high school this year. 

"She is graduating and in my eyes, in my heart. So we wanted to throw her a prom so that she had it," Amy Lopez explained.   

"I think it means everything to her," stated Marissa Watson, Amy Lopez’s partner. "I was once at prom and it meant the world to me. So prom is a very special time for all teenagers." 

The family invited the whole community to the celebration. 

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"I walked in her footsteps and so for that reason, for the empathy," said Riffat Merchant, a party guest. "I don't know this family. I was like I have to come and celebrate this." 

Amy Lopez is grateful to have a day of celebration. 

"I just want to thank everybody for being here," she said. "I truly, truly appreciate it.  I'm happy. I mean, I got to see something that I didn't think I would ever see."