Better Living for Seniors gathers overlooked necessities for homebound residents

Seniors on a fixed income can have a hard time making ends meet, but there's a community organization making sure some of their needs are being met.

The president of Better Living Seniors, Jennifer Green helps gather necessities to give to seniors. Her group has been around for 8 years.

"Better Living For Seniors is a group of senior living professionals that meet monthly to advocating for seniors and work on projects to better the lives for seniors in general," said Sabina Raymond, member of Better Living for Seniors.

They are working in partnership with Greater Brandon Meals On Wheels to deliver the items to homebound seniors.

"Sometimes they go without things that we consider luxuries, which are actually basic necessities items. So that's why we created the program, to try and raise money for those things," explained Raymond.

"This is something that we all take for granted every day, that we can run to the store or we may have money to go and get it," said Green. "These are seniors that don't have this." 

The group hope's the bags have a positive effect on the older adults.

"It should just be a nice surprise because a lot of them haven't been able to get out," Raymond said. They have been very stressed so we just want to brighten their day."

They are only delivering bags in Brandon right now but hope to grow the program in the future.

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