Big Cat Habitat: Not your average animal rescue

Animals have been a part of circus life for decades but when they retire from the spotlight, where do they go? One of the options is Big Cat Habitat right here in the Bay Area.  

Big Cat Habitat is the permanent home for dozens of exotic animals, including Brutus the liger.  He’s a half lion, half-tiger who is “a Happy Meal short of a thousand pounds,” according to the sanctuary’s Doc Wasabi.

“Brutus was born at a zoo in Minnesota. They had a lion and a tiger together in a large enclosure for 10 years thinking they’re too old to breed. Well, one day, they walk in, two cubs were there. But zoos don’t like to crossbreed species so we ended up with Brutus and his sister, Mia.”

Aside from Brutus and Mia, the facility is home to 54 big cats, 13 bears, and 400 other animals, from alligators to porcupines.  They were all retired or rescued from all kinds of situations around the country.

The sanctuary is open to visitors Wednesday through Sunday.

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