Birds of prey on display at Clearwater Marine Aquarium 

Bird watchers can spot some rare raptors and nocturnal hunters at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium this weekend. 

The CMA is partnering with five bird sanctuaries and rescues to educate visitors about Florida's birds of prey.

"'Birds of Prey’ serves as a community outreach opportunity for people to come and meet all of the animals," shared Kelsy Long, director of media relations for the aquarium.

By all of the animals, she means owls, eagles, hawks, kestrels and more.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has made space for Owl’s Nest, Seaside Seabird Sanctuary, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, The Wild Raptor Preserve at Moccasin Lake Nature Park and Audubon Florida to teach people about rescued birds of prey.

"Florida is blessed with a ton of different species," said Kris Porter, the director of Owl's Nest Sanctuary. "Florida is a very wild state. You're going to see a red-shouldered hawk. You're going to see a bald eagle."

Visitors will also get to see a great horned owl, a red-tailed hawk, a barn owl, a screech owl and a kestrel. They will also get to dissect an owl pellet to learn how they process their prey.

"You can learn all about the rescued animals (and) why they are here," said Long. 

Learn more about the 'Birds of Prey' exhibit here


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