Body cameras capture deputies rescuing 97-year-old from fire

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Two Pasco County sheriff's deputies are being called heroes by the family of a 97-year-old woman who they rescued from a fire in her bedroom.

Theresa Mitchka, 74, said smoke was filling her bedridden mother's room. She tried to get her out, but she couldn't do it alone. 

Deputy Justin Ball and Cpl. Jeffrey Brown were closest to the scene and responded to the 911 call on Carnation Way, Thursday morning.

"Time was essential to get mom out," said Mitchka.

The body camera attached to Brown shows the dramatic rescue that lasted about a minute and a half.

In the video, you can see Brown trying to put the fire out near the bedroom doorway. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Brown heads to Logan, picks her up, and carries her outside the house.

"Your mind only focuses on one thing at a time," said Brown, "and my mind was focused on getting her out."

Firefighters with the Pasco County Fire Department arrived shortly after and extinguished the fire they said was caused by a pillow that fell on a night light.

Logan was transported to the hospital Thursday evening to get checked out. Her daughter said the experience was overwhelming for both of them, but overall Logan is doing well.

As for the two deputies who came to the rescue, Mitchka describes them as "miracle workers."

"I'm not a hero," said Brown, "I'm just out here doing my job, that's it."