Bond denied for man accused of killing girlfriend and her son

The last moments of 10-year-old Ricky Willis' life were terrifying.

Prosecutors say he spent them hiding from a killer under a bed while his mother, Stephanie Willis was shot and killed.

"It appeared he was shot twice, or two shots were fired while he was hiding underneath the bed," said Hillsborough Judge Chet Tharpe. 

Prosecutors say Willis' live-in boyfriend, Tyrone Johnson was the shooter. He allegedly told Hillsborough County Sheriff's Detective Joseph Florio he and Willis were fighting over what to watch on television.

"He indicated that there had been a verbal argument within the apartment because he changed the television channel from music videos to a football game that was on at the time," said Florio.

According to Florio, Johnson called his father during the argument. His father was allegedly on the phone when two shots were fired.

Prosecutors say Johnson's father heard it all.

Despite the fact that Stephanie and Ricky's bodies were discovered in the master bedroom, investigators say they found two bullet casings and blood in Ricky's room, indicating he was hiding under his bed when he was shot.

Willis' friend, Zina Cheers said she was still haunted by what may have happened.

"How did you kill a child like that? He was hiding and then [he ended] up in the other room. It’s just heartbreaking," said Cheers. 

After hearing all the evidence, Johnson was denied bond by Judge Tharpe. He will remain in jail until his trial.