Bond denied for man accused of killing girlfriend in front of her child

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New details emerged Friday in the case of a man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend on the day she planned to move out of their house in Riverview.

DeAndre Hill's attorneys asked a judge to set a bond so Hill could stay out of jail while he awaits trial. The hearing played out like a mini-trial.

A detective from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and an eyewitness were both called by prosecutors to describe how the shooting unfolded.

According to Detective Belinda Denbigh, Laura Rodriguez planned to leave Hill on March 31. Prior to moving out, however, she confronted him at his ex-girlfriend's apartment where an argument ensued. Investigators said Hill left the complex and headed back to the Riverview home where he and Rodriguez had been living.

While Rodriguez's friend, Monika Garcia waited in the car with Rodriguez's 2-year-old son, the dispute between Rodriguez and Hill escalated outside the home.

Denbigh and Garcia said Hill shot at Rodriguez, hitting her five times as she attempted to get away.

"She then had hopped into my lap and we tried to drive off," Garcia said. "But the door, we couldn't -- he was right there -- we could not close it, we could not drive off."

The last shot, according to Garcia, came in front of Rodriguez's son, after Hill dragged her from the vehicle.

Defense attorneys said Hill acted in self-defense after Rodriguez hit him. Prosecutors, however, pointed out she was unarmed and nearly a foot shorter and 85 pounds lighter than Hill.

The judge ordered Hill to remain behind bars until his trial.

"I think it was the right call. The prosecutor did his job very well so we're very happy as a family," said Anthony Rodriguez, the victim's sister. "She was a happy person. Full of energy, full of life, always willing to help everyone and very charismatic. Everyone who met her fell in love with her."

Laura Rodriguez leaves behind two children, including the little boy who was in the car when she was shot.