Both sides hope last minute campaigning pays dividends

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With 48 hours to go, campaign supporters from both sides of the political divide are out in force, trying to sway every undecided voter in the Bay Area.

In Clearwater, dozens of Republican supporters gathered in a parking lot to decorate their cars far a slow moving show of support for President Trump. Derek Greenwood was one of the many to show up for the "Trump train." He says he is confident going into Tuesday's election.

“No, I don’t think there’s going to be a big blue wave. They’ll gain some seats in a few places, just the backlash that usually occurs,” he said. “But no, there isn’t going to be a blue wave.”

In St. Petersburg, Ada Bell Jones Davis is hoping for the exact opposite. She was one of the many to attend a “Souls to the Polls” rally.

“We want to see Gillum come in and make history for Florida, and we want to see Nelson come back and make history for Florida,” she said. 

Florida has long been known as a crucial swing state among politicos. President Trump won the state in 2016, and Penny Jones was one of the people that helped make that happen.

"We want a red wave, a huge red wave coming through the state of Florida. And we're all supporting, of course Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis,” she said.

With early voting now complete, Florida voters will have their last chance to vote on Tuesday.