Brandon-based candlemaker has the perfect Valentine's Day gift

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Bay Area businesses hope lovers will shop local. From candles to chocolates, there's plenty to choose from.

At Blue Sage Eco Boutique, owner Christina Arenas says her soy wax candles are the perfect gift!

From her Brandon studio, Christina makes soy wax wellness candles.

"They’re not just candles, they’re intention candles. It’s for those sacred moments, those sacred spaces, at really important times of your life," says Christina.

Christina started out with the vision of making affordable, non-toxic candles. That's when she says she discovered the benefits of using soy.

"Soy candles produce a clean burn, as opposed to the alternatives," she says.

Christina also says her candles are designed to help customers on their own self-love and self-care journey.

"They can reset and change the energy in a space, which can change the energy within yourself," she explained.

To see Christina’s full lineup of products, go to