Brittany Altomare builds on success after moving to Belleair

Brittany Altomare has been swinging away on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour for six years.

"It's been great and I love playing professional golf. It was my dream as a little kid growing up and to be able to be out here competing against the world's best has been a dream of mine from the start, and it's just been a dream come true."

The University of Virginia grad made the Pelican Golf Club in Belleair her home course after taking lessons from Coach Justin Sheehan.

"Dan Doyle built this golf course, and Justin, he was my coach, came over and became the director of golf here, and I was taking lessons from Justin and met Dan through Justin and decided to sponsor me and became a member of this golf course. So it was nice."  

Brittany learned the game from her dad and grandfather when she was 8 years old.

"We played a lot growing up. So, you know, I played a lot of weekend rounds with my grandparents and my dad growing up."

As a teen in Massachusetts, she enhanced her skills by playing in local tournaments.

"I think I won my first couple and I was like, ‘Oh, this is fun. I think, you know, kind of get at it.’ So I think that's kind of what sparked my love for the game. It brings out my competitive side, and I really enjoy that."

Brittany says the LPGA's unique schedule has opened up opportunities to see the world.

"To be able to see things like the Great Wall was pretty impressive. It's taken me to places I never could have dreamed of. And then not only that, I get to compete against girls from all over the world tour. I mean, they're the best at what they do."

Brittany is proud of the success she's had, and is grateful to experience it with her dad.

"It's been kind of surreal to get to experience that with him. You know, he was with me from the start at junior golf. He drove me to all my junior golf tournaments, you know, brought me to all my lessons. And just to kind of see all his sacrifices and hard work that he put towards me pay off, I'm sure that's a dream come true for him."