Camp Gladiator strengthens bodies en masse at Raymond James Stadium

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There was a lot of action at Raymond James Stadium Saturday morning, but it had nothing to do with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On its 10th anniversary, a national organization dedicated to hosting large, outdoor workouts filled the parking lot with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Fitness company Camp Gladiator actually took its workouts to several major stadiums and arenas around the country this weekend.

"A massive, massive workout. Something that Camp Gladiator Tampa Bay has never done before and we're expecting at least 2,000 people to be participating," explained Camp Gladiator Trainer Jessica Fant. 

Trainers set up six different fitness stations in the lots outside of the stadium. 

Once the takeover started, participants were broken into groups and directed to their fitness stations. 

"At each station, there's going to be a different focus. So they could be facing some endurance movements, or they could be doing some strength or agility," said Fant. 

The Tampa Stadium Takeover was free and open to the public, as long as you were willing to pay your dues in sweat. 

"I was mentally preparing for this for about a week," said Marisol Pareda. "I'm feeling good. I'm just exhausted right now."