Canoeist captures video fo mating dolphin pod

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While canoeing near Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg last week, a canoeist came across a friendly and amorous group of dolphins.

Michael McCarthy with said the pod spent hours feeding and rolling over one another, right by his canoe.

Video of the encounter shows a dolphin jumping, another dolphin playing with his food and possibly trying to offer McCarthy a fish.

In the last part of the video, the pod is trying to mate. At one point, McCarthy said he thought he was going to be knocked out of the canoe with his camera.

He said although he managed to say inside the canoe, the dolphins drenched the inside of the boat as they splashed around beside it. 

Warmer temperatures during the winter season could be a reason behind such an active group of dolphins. No matter the reason, McCarthy was certainly lucky to witness such a sight.