Cat shot with arrow wanders neighborhood for 2 weeks

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Rescuers say a stray cat that was shot with an arrow wandered a Zephyrhills neighborhood for almost two weeks before being trapped and taken for medical care. 

The was recovering at Boyette Animal Hospital Friday after a team from St. Francis Society Animal Rescue trapped him and took him to the vet.

The cat, now named Sir Robin, is believed to have been shot twice: Once in the ear where he now has a hole and another time in the back. His veterinarian says the arrow was small and was likely shot from a miniature crossbow, commonly known by the brand name BOLT.

His rescuers say a resident in the neighborhood was able to pull the arrows from Sir Robins back, but was not able to hold onto the cat. The resident provided a photo of the cat with one of the arrows in its back. The resident's family contacted St. Francis to get the cat some help.

St. Francis says the cat was suffering from an infection and, although the group has taken in many high-cost rescues this month, they could not say no to this poor kitty. They have set up a YouCaring fundraiser to help with expenses.

The rescue says Sir Robin also has two broken teeth.

“Sir Robin is resting and eating well but is obviously in pain and is unsure yet if he is finally safe. As you can imagine, his care will be a very costly for our rescue. Be watching soon for a fundraiser for this sweet innocent boy along with updates about his recovery,” St. Francis posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, a report has been filed with Pasco County Animal Services.