Caught on video: Delivery person tries to sip customer's milkshake

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It's the kind of image that makes you cringe. Surveillance video allegedly shows a DoorDash delivery driver try to take a sip of a customer's drink, but then realize the top portion of the straw's paper sleeve is blocking his lips.

In the video you see the driver walk up to the door. He then appears to put his mouth on the straw. He takes the straw away from his mouth and appears to push back down the piece of the paper sleeve.

Other reports suggest the driver actually took a sip of the drink, but it's difficult to be sure from the doorbell camera video.

Rajesh Malhotra says the drink was for his 14-year-old son. The teen says he drank the milkshake with some cookies not realizing that a stranger may have tried his drink.

The family says they had no idea what happened until the next morning when they looked at their security camera footage.

The Malhotras say they reached out to DoorDash about the incident.

A DoorDash spokesperson released this statement Friday afternoon which reads:

"We sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to give our customers every day. We reached out to this customer immediately after being notified of this event three weeks ago. We have since taken appropriate actions, including deactivating the dasher from our platform for failing to follow and maintain our standards of food safety."