Charann's Tavern: The cheesesteak time can't defeat

There are thousands of restaurants in the Bay Area, but only a small percentage truly stand the test of time. 

Charann’s Tavern has been serving Philly cheesesteaks in Tampa since 1969. The original building was across from the Courtney Campbell Causeway, but about 20 years ago they moved to 6748 Memorial Highway. 

One loyal customer has been eating there ever since it opened. When FOX 13 viewer Dave Crandon was a kid, he swam across a canal to Charann’s Tavern and picked up sandwiches for him and his father. 

“I would swim back across the canal, with sandwiches and bait up in one arm, swimming with the other arm,” said Crandon. 

Charran’s Tavern was started by Charlie and Ann Fisher, which is where the creative name comes from. Originally from Philadelphia, they wanted to bring a piece of their heritage to Tampa. 

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After 50 years, Crandon decided it was time to share his love for the restaurant and invited FOX 13’s Chip Brewster to join him for a cheesesteak. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a Philly this much,” explained Chip. 

Charran’s is known for their cheesesteak, but they have much more to offer, like wings, patty melts, and a grouper sandwich.

“Between the shaved ribeye and the bread, it makes all the difference in the sandwich,” added Crandon. “After surviving 50 years as not many restaurants do, I’m sure it’s going to around a long time to come.” 

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