Chef Inspired Popcorn Company creates line of 'boozy' popcorn

Photo credit: Chef Inspired Popcorn Company

A Tampa popcorn shop has concocted a new line of the salty or sweet treat – and they say it’s all alcohol-infused.

Chef Inspired Popcorn Company launched the tipsy line of caramel popcorn in early May, with interesting flavors: Malibu rum, Rum Chata, whisky and tequila. They will also be releasing a new flavor, Rum Chata Fireball. 

The line of boozy popcorn is called “Underground Kernel.” The company said the popcorn process is a secret, but they pick the “finest spirits” that cooks right into the caramel corn. It’s all air-popped and every flavor has less than eight ingredients. 

“That’s why [we] love the name and thought long and hard about the concept with Chef Inspired Presents Underground Kernel,” according to a company statement. “We wanted a throwback, prohibition feel!”

The popcorn is only available by ordering calling or emailing Chef Inspired Popcorn Company.

“You cannot walk in and get these,” according to the company. “It’s ‘underground.’”

Soon, they said, online ordering will be available.