Child bitten by dog, airlifted to hospital

Teresa Budd can't shake what she saw.

"I was walking up the ramp on the dock. I noticed the dog in the back yard and he was attacking what I thought was a garbage bag," she explained.

It was just after 8:00 a.m. when she arrived at her company H.D. Budd Farm in Plant City. At the same time, a Hillsborough County Sheriff's detective pulled in.

Detective Jeffrey Harris was telling Budd about recent car break-ins, but she was suddenly distracted.

"I kept looking over his car at the yard and I said the dog is attacking something and it just doesn't look right to me," she recalled.

Seconds later, she realized the dog didn't have a garbage bag.

"It hit me... oh my God it was a child," she said.

The 50 pound boxer had its jaws around one year old Michael Diaz.

"I just screamed oh my God and dropped my purse and ran," said Budd.

Detective Harris ran toward the dog as well. He screamed at it until it dropped the baby and ran off. Budd ran to the family's door and knocked frantically.

Diaz's mother had been asleep.

"She was horrified like any mother would be to see their child in that condition," added Budd.

Hillsborough Deputies said the dog was a family pet and recently had puppies. They took the dog and her litter from the home. Some neighbors said the dog was friendly to them while others like Carolyn Jones said no.

"He is always out," Jones told FOX 13.

She said one month ago, Diaz's older brother came begging her for help.

"He ran over here and said open the door open the door he's trying to kill me I said whose trying to kill you? He said my dog," said Jones.

Hillsborough County Animal Services said they could not find any past records on the dog. The family turned it over to authorities.

After seeing the tragedy unfold -- Budd is glad.

"There was nothing playful about it. The dog had blood all over its mouth," she said.

Diaz was taken to Tampa General Hospital. He is listed in serious condition.

Hillsborough Deputies continue their investigation, but said it appears to be a tragic accident.