Clearwater group that focuses on helping first responders during hurricane season is helping them now

An organization focused on those first responders, will be doing what they do best -- but they're doing a bit differently and more frequently.

Amplify Clearwater celebrates first responders with an event every year for their work during hurricane season. Now, they're doing the same by delivering meals to first responders as well as healthcare workers.

Not only does it help feed those who are working long hours, but it is also lending a hand to restaurants struggling to stay afloat.

"That was the goal," Amanda Payne, CEO of Amplify Clearwater, told FOX 13. "How can we infuse particular restaurants that day with cash that they weren't expecting, in some cases over 100 meals for some deliveries at a time? This puts money in everybody's pocket as well as show some gratitude for those who are on the frontlines of this pandemic."

They have raised $9,000 which has helped feed 500 first responders. The goal is $30,000.

"My husband is in the medical field, works at Morton Plant Hospital," Payne said. "I've heard the stories of constantly helping their patients, especially on those COVID floors with those COVID units, constantly in their protective equipment and protecting themselves. Taking a meal is not always something they're thinking about and when they do, the cafeteria is potentially closed or they don't have access to it."

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