Coast Guard seizes more than 14,000 pounds of cocaine

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The U.S. Coast Guard seized more than 7 tons of cocaine during a drug patrol operation in the Pacific Ocean.

On Thursday morning, the Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk offloaded the drugs in Port Everglades. Officials said they cocaine was seized in international waters sometime between June and July. A total of seven smuggling boats were stopped during the mission. 

According to WSVN, the total amount of illegal worths were worth $211 million.

“Unfortunately, it’s not the largest, certainly for the Coast Guard or even for this crew,” said USCG CDR Bob Kinsey to WSVN.

During a press conference, Maritime Enforcement Specialist Luis Saenz said drug traffickers have methods of trying to conceal the large amounts of cocaine.

“If you were to just see this on board, you might assume it’s just fuel but what they actually did here was they cut open the bottom, and they stuffed the cocaine in through there,” Saenz said. “Seeing that firsthand, the effect that we have getting the drugs off the streets and keeping them off the streets, it’s honestly really rewarding.”