Community theater in Clearwater makes art accessible for all

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A Clearwater community theater is giving actors a place to show off their creative flair. 

"I was doing theater community theater since I was five years old," said Vicki Roush.

She caught the acting bug 60 years ago.

"Everybody has a passion in their life of some sort. and this would be mine," she said.

Vicki is part of the West Coast Players, a live community theater group.  

"You're just driven to do it like a painter has to paint, a writer has to write, an actor has to try and act," Vicki said.

She's staring in "Bingo the Winning Musical."

"I play Vern," said Vicki. "She's  kind of the ring leader."

The Clearwater playhouse is 25 years old and has put on more than 100 plays.

Ashlie Timberlake is on the board of the community theater.

"Community theater provides just a valuable arts experience for the community its a way in which almost anyone can afford to go and see live theater," Timberlake said.

The cast and production crew are all volunteers.

"It provides a community itself," said Ashlie "I mean we have people who have been involved with our organization for decades and they really are a second family."

"I'm having so much fun," said Vickie. "I can't tell you it's a blast."