Coney Island Grill is St. Pete's oldest family-owned restaurant

A nostalgic family owned restaurant stands the test of time in St. Pete.

Hank Barlas, 82, makes his way to his favorite seat in his favorite restaurant - the Coney Island Grill.

It's been in his family for 91 years. The treasured landmark is the oldest family-owned restaurant in St. Pete.

"We started just before the depression," Hank said.

His dad opened the business in 1926 serving burgers, hotdogs and chili dogs.

"It was a nickel for a hot dog and a dime for a burger," Hank recalled.

John Reynolds, now 76, has been coming to Coney Island for more than 60 years.

"My father first brought me here back in 1943", Ron Mitchell used to come with his dad when he was seven. "He would get me and bring me down for lunch."

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Eric Hurley remembers when they used to play a game of chance in the restaurant.

"They use to do a double or nothing. You come in and flip a coin and If you call the right coin you didn't have to pay for your lunch if you didn't you have to pay double," Hurley said. 

Hank says he has only one regret: "I think it's too bad that we never charged enough to make any money."

Hank is thankful for the thousand's of loyal customers the restaurant has served over the years.

"It makes me feel good that we were good enough to stay that long people like enough," he said.