Construction sites, billboards, e-scooters being secured for Dorian

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Construction crews throughout the Bay Area have been securing their work zones as they prepare for the potential arrival of Hurricane Dorian.

Hillsborough County Code Enforcement officers spent Friday traveling through the county, looking for construction sites that need attention.

"We're looking at construction sites, we're looking at storage areas where there are things that could potentially become some type of wind-borne projectile," said Jon-Paul Lavandeira, Executive Manager of the county's code enforcement. "What we're trying to do is getting with the owners and the responsible parties and, number one, informing them that they cannot have that and, number two, ensuring that they have a plan to take care of it so it does not become a community threat."

In downtown Tampa, crews are taking similar precautions.

"They're either removing construction materials or securing it to the site so it doesn't become a missile hazard, also any open excavations they're either filling them or securing those as well," said Mike Chucran, Tampa's Contract Administration Director.

Operators of tower cranes across the state are being urged to put their machines in "weather vane" mode so they rotate in the wind.

The Florida Department of Transportation began taking action this week. In a statement to FOX 13, a spokesperson said:

"[FDOT] has suspended all interstate lane closures in the Tampa Bay area due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Dorian. When a hurricane is approaching, FDOT directs all road and bridge contractors to temporarily suspend all operations on construction projects.

"Contractors on all construction projects are securing work sites, clearing traffic control devices that are not actively being used to direct traffic, and checking drainage systems. All available lanes will remain open on the interstate system in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties."

One electric scooter company is collecting its devices ahead of the storm. Others will have to follow suit if a Hurricane Watch is issued for Tampa.

Clearchannel Outdoor has also taken at least 60 billboards to prevent the vinyl wraps from tearing apart in the wind.

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Hurricane Dorian preparations by county:

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