Convicted rapist Kendrick Morris granted re-sentencing

The man who raped, beat and left a teen girl for dead outside a public library seven years ago has been granted a re-sentencing trial.

Today, Kendrick Morris' victim cannot, walk, talk or see. Morris was a teenager when he committed the crime and was convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Now, Morris could have his sentence reduced, but a U.S. Supreme Court decision says sentencing juveniles to life or lengthy sentences in prison is cruel and unusual punishment.

Meanwhile, the victim's family could have an upsetting time as the re-sentencing plays out in the courts.

Attorney Anthony Rickman said, because Florida has new sentencing guidelines, Morris could also face more time in prison.  

"Based on how heinous this crime is, based on the lives that he affected, not just this poor girl that was brutalized, but also her family, I would be surprised if he gets sentenced to life in prison," Rickman said.

He also expects the victims family to show up to court on the day of the re-sentencing and tell the judge what sentence they feel is appropriate.

Morris is back in court in May.