Cute alert: Septuplet cheetah cubs born at Virginia zoo

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The Metro Richmond Zoo in Moseley, Virginia announced that they welcomed seven cheetah cubs on November 30.

A video shared on the zoo’s YouTube page announced the birth of the cheetah septuplets, an occurrence that only happens in one percent of cheetah births. The announcement comes a month after the birth, most likely to determine whether they are in good health, which they are, zoo officials said.

They are being kept in a breeding facility with their mother, Vaila. Kalu is a first time father, who was born and raised at Metro Richmond Zoo. Officials said they may move the cubs into a zoo exhibit by March. 

Zoo officials say the cheetah is the most endangered cat in Africa. Their numbers declined from 100,000 to 7,000. Since 2013, Metro Richmond Zoo has had 9 cheetah litters born with a total of 47 cubs.