Damage reported after Hurricane Ian triggers dozens of tornado warnings in South Florida

Tornadoes spawned from Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on South Florida Tuesday evening. 

As Hurricane Ian continued northward towards Florida, multiple tornado warnings were issued throughout the southern part of the Sunshine State. 

The National Weather Service warned of a damaging tornado in Broward County around 7:30 p.m. ET.

Photos from North Perry Airport in Hollywood, Florida, showed multiple planes flipped across the concourse. WSVN reports that a total of 17 planes were damaged.

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Tornadoes were said to have flipped this plane as Hurricane Ian neared Florida. (Photos courtesy Tom Pandas/TourHelicopter.com)

The northeast quadrant of a hurricane is most likely to produce tornadoes due to increased wind shear.

Hurricane Ian will continue to enhance the tornado risk for South Florida through Wednesday. 

Residents also reported a patio was torn off a home near the airport. 

The NWS in Miami asked residents for storm reports as they received multiple reports of trees down and damage throughout the state. 

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