Hometown: North Port's recovery after Hurricane Ian

From first responders answering seemingly endless calls for help at the height of the storm, to city officials working to repair roads and make them stronger for the future, the city of North Port has been through a lot since Hurricane Ian.

Sarasota County's first responders drop everything to serve others during Hurricane Ian

Answering calls for help comes natural for first responders in North Port. In the face of a massive storm, they had to leave their families to help others. "When you sign up to be a first responder. Whether it is a police officer, EMT, paramedic or firefighter you think of the daily routine of it. The calls for service, going to traffic crashes and helping people in that way," said North Port PD Sgt. Scott Guzman. 

Help after Ian: Disaster relief center open Thursday in Tampa

The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) has set up at Raymond James Stadium, to provide food assistance for to those impacted by Hurricane Ian and who are not receiving food assistance benefits through the regular Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Red tide returns to Sarasota County beaches

Researchers in Sarasota are working to see if hurricanes had an impact on the return of red tide to the county's beaches. They believe the current bloom was present a month ago, but it will take time to tell if there are any correlations.