Daughter prepares to face father's accused killer again

Trevor Dooley is now 80 years old and his second trial on manslaughter charges is coming up in September.

During a virtual court hearing today, Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Michael Williams said he believes jury selection will go smoothly.

"I think we'll get a jury in one day," said Williams.

During the hearing today, Dooley’s attorney Bill Ponall said he wants a few tweaks made to the jury instructions to make sure the case doesn’t come back on appeal. Ponall focused on one single sentence.

"That suggests that a defendant has a duty to retreat and that’s an incorrect statement under the law, so we asked that be removed," said Ponall.

While the lawyers wrestle over legal matters, Danielle James, the star witness in the case, is preparing to face her father’s accused killer.

Danielle and her dad, James

No child should ever have to go through what James went through when she was just 8 years old.

"We've already gone through all of this once and he's just trying to bring up old emotions, old grief and he already gets to walk free. What more does he want?" asked Danielle.

Trevor Dooley, left, and David James (file)

Back in 2010, Danielle was with her dad James on a neighborhood basketball court in Valrico when he got into a dispute with Trevor Dooley over a skateboarder on the court.

Prosecutors say Dooley left the basketball court and returned with a gun. They say Dooley pulled out a gun and shot and killed James in front of his daughter.

Years later, Dooley was convicted but won a new trial after a lengthy appeal.

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Danielle James today

It's likely Danielle, who is now 19 years old, will have to re-live that trauma on the stand again.

"It’s kind of fearful for me. Like the last time I really saw him was killing my dad. I'd rather not see him again. But if this is something I have to do to finally get justice, we'll go through with it," she explained.

Dooley's trial is set to start on September 2 and will likely last one week.