Daystar Life Center shines a beacon of hope for those in need

The Daystar Life Center has been a blessing for Eric Cook. He said, "I'm going through some hard times right now. Being the holiday and being laid off."  

The ministry was started 17 years ago at St. Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in St. Pete and provides food, clothing and basic necessities for those in need. 

"This helps keep people on the track to keep moving forward staying healthy moving on with their life," said Jane Trocheck Walker, Executive Director of Daystar Life Center. "Let people know that they are important."

Sue Weaver just came down from South Dakota and only has winter clothes. "I'm on a fixed income and I got a lot of health issues so it helps a lot," Weaver said. 

The grass-roots center also helps with job applications, housing, social security, and anything else that can help people get back on their feet. 

It’s help that Cook really appreciates. He said, “It’s a wonderful thing to come here and be able to get these groceries to carry me over until things get better.”

Daystar Life Center helps approximately 1400 people a month.