Deadly Valrico carjacking suspect: 'My life is over.'

James Hanson, Jr. is back to familiar surroundings - a courtroom.

The ex-con was just released from prison after serving more than 20 years of a life sentence.

Dressed in a red jail jumpsuit and shackled hands and feet, he was brought to his bond hearing Friday afternoon. 

Hanson is accused of robbing a bank, carjacking Matthew Korattiyil, and killing him earlier this week. 

Investigators were able to pinpoint the location of the victim's Lexus with a GPS tracking device in the car. That led to a police chase and ended with Hanson crashing the Lexus. 

He later confessed to killing Korattiyil and dumping his body at the Sacred Heart Center in Valrico. 

Lead Detective Moises Garcia described the murder. He said Hanson told him the victim tried to get away so he strangled him with his bare hands.

"He then used the victim's belt to finish the job," said Garcia. 

The judge was shown bank surveillance video of what prosecutors say shows Hanson punching a bank teller and demanding money.

"He said he robbed the bank because his sister was going to be evicted and his girlfriend was struggling financially," said Garcia. 

Later the victim's son took the stand to identify his dad's belongings while staring down his dad's accused killer. 

Prosecutors say while Hanson sat in the back of a deputy's vehicle, the reality of what he had done was finally catching up to him.

Detective Garcia heard Hanson say: "I'm screwed. My life is over."

After hearing all the evidence in the case, the judge denied Hanson bond. He will stay in jail until his trial. Hanson faces carjacking, kidnapping and first-degree murder charges.