Death sentence overturned for convicted murderer, rapist

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It was one of the most horrific crimes investigators claimed they had ever seen.

A mother of three was on her morning jog. She never suspected the horror that awaited her down the path.

The victim's son, reported his mother, Cuc Tran, missing after she never made it back from her run.

Investigators later discovered Tran was abducted, raped, and set on fire by Kenneth Jackson.

What was left of her remains were found in a charred van, which had been stolen by Jackson.

The jury convicted Jackson and sent him to death row on 10-2 vote. But after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Florida's death penalty sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional, Jackson got a second chance at life in prison.

And for the convicted rapist and murderer, it worked out.

Hillsborough Assistant State Prosecutor Scott Harmon announced, "it's not our intent to seek the death penalty."

Instead of having a drawn-out hearing with experts and witnesses, the state decided to take the death penalty off the table, which means Jackson will take his last breath in prison.

Despite security concerns raised by his defense team, Hillsborough County Judge Christopher Sabella decided to bring him back to court to change his sentence.

"The defense may be right but in an abundance of caution im going to bring him back," ruled Sabella.

Jackson will be re-sentenced, in two weeks, to life in prison with no possibility for parole.