Defense asks to block 'emotional' testimony from victim's family

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When we last spoke to Felecia Demerson about the trial for her 9-year-old daughter's alleged killer, she made her mission clear: "My thing is to get justice for her and be her voice and be her face. This is not just going to go away."

Felecia Williams

The man accused of killing little Felicia Williams is trying to silence Demerson and other family members and friends.

In a motion just filed by Granville Ritchie's defense team, they want to limit what they call, "evidence or arguments designed to create sympathy for the deceased."

They write, "This type of evidence is an almost always-tearful, emotional recounting of the loss of a friend or loved one." 

Ritchie's attorneys say that kind of testimony is highly inflammatory and prejudicial and should be excluded during the trial.

Ritchie is accused of raping and strangling Felicia and later dumping her body near the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

He faces the death penalty, if convicted.

Asking the judge in a motion, to limit victim impact statements to only one witness, and making sure that witness does not show any emotion in front of the jury.

The defense requesting, "no witness may testify if the witness is unable to control his or her emotions."

Ritchie's defense team claims it violates the defendant’s due process. A judge is expected to hear arguments Tuesday morning and rule before the trial next month.