Deputies investigating front porch package thefts

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Hillsborough County deputies say they have identified a person of interest in the repeated holiday package thefts in an Apollo Beach subdivision.

The name of the person of interest has not been publicly released. Deputies say two men have been targeting the Waterset commuinty off Big Bend Road, beginning November 30. The latest theft was reported on December 2, according to deputies.

"You feel violated when somebody takes something right from your own property," said Benjamin Mendes, whose wife had a Kate Spade purse she ordered stolen from her driveway.

Neighbors began posting about the thefts in the community's Facebook group. Several other neighbors posted surveillance video or pictures and other leads, which they then passed to deputies.

"[They should] go to jail. It's flat out theft and we work very hard for what we have and just to waste money to give it away to somebody else for no reason is ridiculous," said Mendes.

"We hope it's young people that don't understand the gravity of what they're doing. If it's not, shame on everybody that's facilitated these people to think that way and steal other peoples stuff instead of earn it on their own," said neighbor Kyle Jordan.

Deputies say their investigation continues.